Everything You Need to Know About Shaking Incubators

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What is a Shaking Incubator?


A shaking incubator is a temperature-controlled biochemical instrument that simultaneously incubates, agitates, and shakes samples. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry, and the research of enzyme and cell tissues, which require a high quality of temperature control and shaking speed. The instrument is also used to dynamically cultivate cells and various types of strains.   


With a compact design, user-friendly operation panel and touch screen, its suitable for use in any laboratory setting. The microprocessor controls the temperature and speed with a built-in timing function, independent alarm system, and adjustable circulation fan speed. If the temperature becomes too hot, the heat will automatically shut down. 


The Benefits of Using a Shaking Incubator


As a versatile piece of equipment, a shaking incubator is more convenient than placing a separate shaker inside a traditional incubator. It combines the incubator and shaker into one instrument, eliminating the need for multiple devices and saving laboratory space. It simplifies applications, improves control over operations and provides consistent temperature conditions.


It also has adjustable stroke lengths and unique speed control, which affects the growth of cell cultures and allows for even distribution of nutrients throughout the sample. The speed control ensures the shaker operates smoothly without spilling liquids.  


Equipped with a built-in cover switch, the shaking incubator will not overheat. The cover opens at a wide angle, which is convenient for observing and choosing samples. Moreover, when the cover is open, air circulation, heating, and shaking automatically stop.


Safety Precautions for Using a Shaking Incubator


The shaking incubator is an indoor instrument that should only be used in an area with low temperature, little dust, and good air circulation. It should not be used in areas with water, hard light, or corrosive gas and should be kept away from central heating systems.


When it is not in use, the shaking incubator should be powered off, unplugged, and covered with a cloth to prevent dust. If there are smudges, it should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Otherwise, a cloth dampened with alcohol will suffice.


If one of the following occurs, please contact BT Lab Systems immediately:

  • The instrument encounters liquid
  • The instrument is burned or soaked
  • The instrument emits an abnormal sound or smell
  • The instrument is dropped or damaged
  • The instrument functions abnormally


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