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Wet Tank or Semi Dry Transfer: What’s best for Western blotting? (Clone)

BT Lab Systems 11/02/2021 0

There are three ways by which macromolecules can be transferred from SDS-PAGE or native gels to the appropriate nitrocellulose, PVDF or nylon ...

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Protein Visualization after electrophoresis

BT Lab Systems 06/23/2021 0

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Separating the Facts: Protein, Vertical, and Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis

BT Lab Systems 09/11/2019 0

An Introduction to Electrophoresis Electrophoresis is a simple, sensitive laboratory technique essential for the separation and isolation of ...

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Disrupting Soft Tissue with a Tissue Homogenizer

BT Lab Systems 09/09/2019 0

What is a Tissue Homogenizer? As a standard piece of laboratory equipment, a tissue homogenizer is a handheld, lightweight device that is essential ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Shaking Incubators

BT Lab Systems 09/05/2019 0

What is a Shaking Incubator? A shaking incubator is a temperature-controlled biochemical instrument that simultaneously incubates, agitates, and ...

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What is RCF?

BT Lab Systems 09/04/2019 0

An Introduction to RCF So, what is RCF? RCF, otherwise known as the relative centrifugal force or g-force, is the amount of acceleration or force ...

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Micropipetting Tips and Tricks | BT Lab Systems

BT Lab Systems 09/03/2019 0

Micropipetting Tips and Tricks What is a Displacement Pipette? As a common laboratory tool, an air displacement pipette measures the volume of liquid ...

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How to Prepare the Agarose Gel Tray

BT Lab Systems 08/21/2019 0

What is a Gel Tray? A gel tray is a simple and economical device used for a variety of agarose electrophoresis applications. It is supplied with a ...

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Disrupting Cells with Tissue Homogenizers

BT Lab Systems 08/21/2019 0

What is Cell Disruption? Cell disruption is a collection of techniques that releases biological molecules or other materials of interest from inside ...

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Surviving the Chill: Tips and Tricks for Freezing Cells

BT Lab Systems 08/19/2019 0

What is Cell Freezing? Cryopreservation, or cell freezing, is a crucial step of animal cell culture and long-term maintenance, which is different ...

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