How to Prepare the Agarose Gel Tray

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What is a Gel Tray?

A gel tray is a simple and economical device used for a variety of agarose electrophoresis applications. It is supplied with a horizontal tank and agarose gel casting tray, which is designed to eliminate leaks, a common issue with other gel casting trays.


The device is lightweight, simple to use, and convenient for casting agarose gels. It allows for casting of agarose gels in two sizes: Two 5 x 8.3 cm mini gels and one 10.5 x 8.3 cm gels. The tray is supplied with background black strips for high visibility, two mini trays, one large tray and two different size combs. The combs provide either 13 and 6 wells (0.6 x 0.1cm well) or 17 and 8 wells (0.4 x 0.1cm well) for the large and mini gels, respectively.


The tray has multiple features, including an interlocked, ventilated, fog free lid, which allows for a full view of gel during electrophoresis. It also has a single molded tank, two available tray options and easy sample loading. With a high-temperature capability of 130 degree Celsius, there is no direct heat impact from the power supply unit. The device is also compatible with multichannel pipettes and is ideal for less agarose consumption. 


Replacement parts are also available, including additional combs (4mm or 6 mm), large and small gel trays, a casting tray and a complete Gel Casting Set, which consists of one casting tray, two combs, one large tray and two small trays.


Five Simple Steps for Preparing a Gel Tray


To use the BT Lab Systems Geno ElectroPhore (and the agarose gel tray), it is important to read the instructions and follow accordingly:

  1.  Gently, place the tray in the casting system.
  2. Select one of the analytical combs for your application.
  3. Pour 50-60 ml of heated agarose gel into one of the 10.5 x 8. 3 cm trays, or two of the 5 x 8.3 cm trays, depending on the application.
  4. Attach the comb to the comb holder.
  5. Once the gel has formed, carefully pick up the comb and tray.


BT Lab Systems Has Your Gel Tray Needs


BT Lab Systems offers a variety of products suitable for agarose electrophoresis. To learn more about the Geno ElectroPhore and other available products, visit our website today.

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