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What is a blue light transilluminator?


 A blue light transilluminator is an instrument designed to observe and shoot a wide range of DNA samples. The device is highly sensitive and utilizes a harmless and bright blue LED light to view dyes, eliminating the need for ultraviolet (UV) transilluminators, which can be dangerous to skin and eyes.


The BT Lab Systems Blue Light Transilluminator has multiple uses. The blue light platform will fit gel sizes up to 100 x 150 mm and can be used to match up as a multi-imager. With a uniform blue-ray transillumination and low background values, it allows for perfect observation with a full-size transparent optical filter.


The device is portable, maintenance-free and eco-friendly, possessing long-term energy conservation and a long service life that can reach up to 100,000 hours. With an adjustable angle and a screen plate that can be randomly fixed, the blue light transilluminator can operate with one hand, which is ideal for observing samples. 


Blue light transilluminators vs. UV transilluminators

Due to high levels of sensitivity, the BT Lab Systems Blue Light Transilluminator is ideal for observing a large range of dyes, as it prevents UV damage and harm to DNA samples. Traditional UV transmission instruments can be harmful to users, causing damage to various parts of the body. The device is a safe alternative, protecting both users and DNA by eliminating safety concerns and minimizing damage to skin and eyes.


Compared to UV-transilluminators, the BT Lab Systems Blue Light Transilluminator allows for sample observation that is symmetrical and provides more accurate photos. With a wavelength of 470 nm, the blue LED light is harmless and safe to use when observing DNA samples. The blue light is also safe to operate and does not require the use of safety glasses or other protective equipment.


Where can I find a blue light transilluminator?

BT Lab Systems offers high-quality blue light transilluminators at competitive prices. Visit our website to purchase a Blue Light Transilluminator today.

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