The Effectiveness of a Glass Bead Sterilizer

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What is a Glass Bead Sterilizer?


A glass bead sterilizer is an instrument that sanitizes small, solid, metal and glass lab equipment in ten seconds by rapidly heating glass beads. With a deep heating chamber and a stainless-steel inner core, it heats dry, clean glass beads (with a diameter from 1.5 to 2.0 mm) to about 300 °C. The use of glass beads eliminates the need for an open flame and immediately destroys fungi, bacteria and viruses.


The BT Lab Systems Glass Beads Sterilizer has multiple features, which includes a compact design and digital temperature display. It also has a highly precise temperature controller, integrated high-performance heating element and protection from overheating. The inner temperature of the container can be heated anywhere from 100 to 300 °C and can heat in 25 minutes or less.


Commonly used in research labs, the instrument is used to clean laboratory equipment such as forceps, scissors, scalpels and inoculation needles.


Benefits of Using a Glass Bead Sterilizer


The BT Lab Systems Glass Bead Sterilizer is very convenient, safe and easy-to-use. By utilizing dry heat, the glass bead sterilizer eliminates the use of alcohol, chemicals or fire. Furthermore, it quickly and effectively sanitizes equipment within ten seconds, which is a fraction of the time required by more conventional sterilization methods like autoclaves or Cetylicide.


Moreover, with a compact design, it can be placed and operated on any flat surface in a laboratory setting. Apart from turning off the power switch and closing the cover, there is no need to clean the device after use, and the glass beads only need to be cleaned once per week.


Five Simple Steps for Using a Glass Bead Sterilizer


To use the BT Lab Systems Glass Bead Sterilizer, it is important to read the instructions and follow accordingly:

  1. To turn on the instrument, press the START/STOP button on the front panel display. When it turns on, the display screen will read “8”.
  2. After the sterilizer goes into the initial state, the display window will read a temperature after 2 seconds (e.g. 260).
  3. To adjust the temperature value, press either the + or – key and hold it until it is changed to the desired temperature.
  4. While operating the sterilizer, press the START/STOP button to turn it off. To restart operation, press the button again.
  5. As the temperature increases, the indicator light will be turned on. When it reaches the set temperature, the indicator light will flicker.

Rely on BT Labs for Your Glass Bead Sterilizer Needs


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